NFNS Season Finale ....

So Aaron won the Next Food Network Star finale last night. I was cackling when someone (Susie?) mentioned Big Daddy's Kitchen was a unique idea for FN. No, really, Guy's Big Bite has spiky-haired loon, this guy is bald!

Dont have much against Aaron, he is absolutely approachable and his food makes me drool even though I wouldnt eat half of what he cooks (clogged arteries anyone?), but his TV personality is so blah. I really hope his show is better, but, yet again, it's going to be NOTHING new and this is just what FN needs in their lineup.

I am tired of seeing all my fav in-the-kitchen shows pushed to daytime slots when I cant watch them and the evenings filled with overhyped stars and their over-exposed reality-format shows.

Lisa had an amazing pilot, I've really warmed up to her these past couple of weeks and I wanted to cook that fish and leeks recipe. Maybe not the unpronounceable, unspellable yolk sauce (at least show us the name of the dish, would love to know how to spell zabaglione(?) ), but she has tons of creativity and I would just tune in to see what she was wearing.

And Adam's was the pilot I genuinely liked the most, he was so at ease and had so much fun with it. Didnt feel like the audience laughs for his segment were scripted (really, what was up with them laughing their guts off, BigB and I were so weirded out). Adam was of course, sabotaged by Bobby Flay hating him - watch the Vegas buffet when he's in line for Adam's food, his expression speaks volumes.

Anyway, I had the inkling that Aaron was going to win when he fell flat on his face in the Vegas challenge and the judges pushed him through to the finale anyway. The rationale was that they couldnt kick off a consistent performer which to Aaron;s credit he had been so far, but if they had been true to their show they would have kicked off the non-performer that week.

And they didnt. Which meant that they had pre-determined the winner all along. And, they didnt mention at the start of the season that there was no audience poll either. Which means that I just spent abt 9 weeks wasting my time.

Grrr .... But, what will I watch next Sunday night?? :(


S said...

Contestan fixing wahan bhi :D

Relality shows are no more real but they get us hooked on to them :-(

Hope u get to watch something good this sunday. Whenever I try watching a cookery show either the channel is changed or they cook something non-veg and i loose interest...:(


couchpapaya said...

S - hehe sab jagah chalta hain ! wish they get someone as fun to do an indian segment on this channel. was full of hopes this show might produce one, but she was sent home sometime ago!

the other indian food makes me laugh my guts off! a chef made aloo with panchphoran (bengali spices) and turmeric (kinda like jeera aloo). then she cooked an egg, leaving the yolk runny, THEN she dipped the aloo in the runny yolk and ate. her fav comfort food, apparently! i didnt know whether to laugh, puke or cry :(


WhatsInAName said...

Oh yes... its all predecided everywhere. The first reality show I saw, I literally cried to see my fav contestant go... but then I learnt :))
I hope they start something good for you next sunday!

couchpapaya said...

WIAN - ya ur right!! abt next sun, i doubt it :( even though it doesnt seem so, i really find v. few interesting things to watch on tv.


S said...

Aiyyo!!! What was sounds horrible...

This remidnes me of efforts to cook when I was quite young. When My mom used to go out I used to try something in her kitchen and used to act as if I was hosting a cookery show ;-)

Sticking to instructions I made "Tadka" of something, ill-timed it, burned it so I lagaoed my dimaag and thought lemme save the oil. U know what I did?

I poured the hot tadka with oil thru a channi so that oil bach jaye. Unfortuantely It was plastic ki channi & there was nothing left after the hot oil was poured thru it :D i still lol at my foolishness :)

Mama - Mia said...

well you had fun watching it and drooling! :)

but its crazy how most of these "reality shows" seem to be rigged!



couchpapaya said...

S - lol that was innovative!!! atleast u were young :) what scares me the most is passing it off as desi khana

abha - yes, atleast the audience voting part seems to give them some semblance of authenticity, but this show even did away with that. oh well, we'll never know the reasons. u wld think during screening they wld select only those whom they thought had potential wldnt u ?


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