Alien: Resurrection and Firefly/ Serenity

B got the Alien Quadrilogy for his birthday this year. As an aside, if you are an Alien fan, this DVD set is a great buy. So anyway, the 4th Alien movie is completely different from the rest in terms of tone and sci-fi action and as we kept watching some of the gags unfold I felt this odd deja vu. It hit me a minute later. Albeit darker in tone, the crew of the pirate ship from Aliens could be dead-ringers for the crew of Firefly. There's the same group dynamic, the same humor in the script, even a basketball court on both ships.

Alien 4Firefly
Space Pirate shipBettySerenity
Hunky CaptainElgynMal
Soldierly female secondHillard/Ripley(maybe)Zoe
Mercenary crew memberJohnerJayne
Fragile MechanicAnnallee CalKaylee
Released1997 2002
WriterJoss WhedonJoss Whedon

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May the nerd in you prosper..this was a good one babe

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CP Yay, at some point of time, the nerds have to stand up for themselves !

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heh ladies, thanks! now no one can say i never have any useless bits of trivia on my site :D

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