The Curse of the Pack Rat!

Whew, we moved, finally!! It turns out that the books were the least of our problems. An overstocked kitchen was the worst. Even after donating away atleast 1 big box plus some little ones we were left with 5 boxes to carry over. To fit into a tiny kitchen, which will become overloaded if I add a handkerchief into one of the drawers.

B: Why do we have 200 glasses and 500 spoons for 2 people????

Harassed Mover (after spending 2 hours on a single cupboard): I feel as if someone underneath keeps pushing pans up as soon as I remove them.

CP (in her head ignoring all the bad vibes): La lala lalala

However, the breaking point came over the shoes and bags. Obviously, with all the high emotion involved, it wasn't the greatest week/ weekend.

So, just a quick not-so-disinterested poll for all you ladies (heck, let's hear from the men too), how many pairs of shoes do you own?? An actual count please, including even the tatty pair you wear only for gardening/ washing the dog. And bags???


avdi said...

6 pairs for daily wear, 4 nice ones, 2 pairs of shoes, and 5 pairs of discards waiting to be officially discarded !

Hate packing kitchen too.. so much chota samaan.

Smita said...

Errr...We have to be honest???


6 pairs which I wear regularly
6 pairs which I wear not so regularly
4 Pairs which shud be given away
2 pairs which were bought for mrrgs (hiiigh heels) & are now sleeping
2 pair of sport shoes
1 pair of floaters

bas!!! 21 that is....(I hope so :D)

I hope u show this comment to B, he will faint :D

200 glasses & 500 spoons??? whoa!!!! I only hoard small dibbi's :D

samir said...

Let's see, 4 pairs; one formal, one hiking, one old sneaker, & one new sneaker. LOL @ 500 spoons & 200 glasses. Also LOL @ Smita's # of shoes.

Mama-MIa said...


ok! i am one of those weird women who doesnt own too many of either! but then i have NO sense oof style and the works!

i have 2 pairs of sneakers, 2 chappals, 1 pair of closed choes and 2 thong style slippers.

so 7 apirs of shoes and perhps 5 odd bags! :)

but the no of spoons of glasses, i am seriously curious! even if its exaggerated! :D



Bouncing-Bubble said...

JUST 4 pairs, can any girl beat that! ok let me come clean.. u know I moved recently and so had to discard/give away some.

Bouncing-Bubble said...

but when it comes to handbags,the no. is infinite.
we are shifting again in couple of mths

couchpapaya said...

avdi - yeesh know what u mean abt the discards, they do pile up dont they. i finally got rid of mine.... yeah kitchen is awful and even though i havnt used things like my coconut grinder for 6 years i still cant throw it away :(

smita - hehe i knew i cld count on u!!!!! i have 19 pairs myself, though these are the keepers. i do have 4 pairs of boots so maybe i shld give up that fetish :)

samir - only 4???? errr now ur comment i SHLD show B, it's a good thing i decided to get the male perspective too :D smita and me are kindred shoe souls (and bags too i'm guessing even tho she didnt actually count them :)

couchpapaya said...

abha - *gasp* no heels????? ... i do envy u tall types :D the spoons comment was a product of perspective (we have 1 drawer in this silly place, seriously who designs a kitchen with ONE drawer ... and who rents the place knowing this ... but that's a discussion for another time), when i was unpacking and dumped them all in just to make place it looked like a large number and i cldnt shut the tiny POS. now they look manageable :) as for the glasses, surely one MUST have the wine glasses, then the champagne, then the martini, then the high-balls ... and so on, 6 of each and u can guess how that number adds up :D

bubbles - FOUR??? err, how do i delete ur comment!!!! :( and how do u manage the moving part?? as i recall u shifted pretty recently didnt u ..... this move was so traumatic i might just put down roots here !!!!

Smita said...

Approx 16-17 bags i have. Hope i haven't disappointed you ;-)

eye-in-sty-in said...

Having moved a few months back, I feel your pain! Never knew how I managed to collect so much crap! I must have spent half the night in throwing away stuff! And yes, the kitchen IS the worst part!

Shoes? well, 4-5 at max. Any thing more is totally useless! :-) A toned body is a much better investment in lieu of shoes. Plus, it gives u an excuse to buy that fancy pair of gym shoes too :D

Anonymous said...

Like Rolling stones gather no moss, shifting couples gather no spoons.
My shoes inventory
2 leather formals
1 Nubuk semi formal
1 Hiking Shoe
1 Blue sneaker ( A historic steal, it was stolen from The Taj, but I would still count it as mine)
1 Black Sneaker
1 Leather Floater
1 PU Floater ( Was stolen out side a Polyclinic when I was inside, but I would still count it as mine)
2 Sandals
Thats 8 real+ 2 virtual= 10 (still I lack a proper Gym shoe and a Gumboot)
Wife- At least 30 pairs (last counted 6 months back )
Children- 12 pairs each x 2
It would be contextual to mention 110 Pencil Boxes and 75 water bottles. Thanks to Birthday parties & return gifts.
Having shifted five times with 350 CuFt load, your article made me nostalgic.
@ Smita- It must be fun to wear a mix & match pairs to office ? ;-)

Mama-Mia said...


no heels! you noticed! gee! well more than tall types, my back gives away everytime i tried heels. so now i dont bother! and 5'6 can do without heels tho i do miss the sexy quotient ONLY heels have! :)

and foodie in you! yeah so many glasses sound good! we drink sprite! any glass goes! ;)



couchpapaya said...

smita - nope, just as expected... another thank u on it's way :D

EISI - crap is right! as for the no of shoes - spoken like a guy :)

uh - ur family is an inspiration :D good point abt the water bottles and pencil boxes, next time i'll hold virtual children as examples of how things cld be worse !!!!!

abha - i guess teetotalling has it's benefits. makes me seriously consider converting .... tho i think we'll save it to just before the next move :D

magicalsummer said...

poor you, i sympathise with your having to handle the endless amounts of 'stuff' that magically appears every time you think you've dealt with it!

now for the slipper count

evening wear with heels in varying dizzy heights - 3
fancy day time slippers - 3
every day casuals that all look the same - 10
sneakers - 2
tennis shoes - 1
fancy gold sneakers - 1 :)
rubber chappals - 2 (including one that's 18 years old and i can't bear to throw out)
high heeled boots - 1

damn, no wonder i don't have any shoe drawer space!! time for a summer clean up!

couchpapaya said...

mags! now am VERY curious, do show us the gold sneakers ... pleeeasseee!!!! :D i had to throw away one such pair of old, mangy slippers, still feel sad when i think about them ....

sujata said...

having moved across countries a whole lot of times since early childhood, I can tell you the kitchen is definitely the worst part. And probably moving is the only time I actually throw stuff that needed to be thrown much earlier!! Good post.

couchpapaya said...

sujata - welcome to the blog !!! i've moved many times over my life and every time i KNOW that the kitchen is the wrst, i just conveniently forget each time i find a handy new kitchen gadget to buy :( but ur right about de-cluttering, in fact this time i've made the decision to declutter every 2 months, let's see if this laudable resolve even happens :D

eye-in-sty-in said...

just visited to laugh... err wish you luck @ the 2-month declutter resolve :-)

couchpapaya said...

EISI - i can dream, right? :)

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