I came across this movie Before the Rains while randomly browsing today. Santosh Sivan, Nandita Das, Rahul Bose, Jennifer Ehle, Bruce Wayne's dad (heh, dont know his name), Kerala in the 1930s .... it looks amazing!! Anyone seen this movie? It's going to the top of my watch list ... and how come it's out on DVD already and I hadn't even heard about it hmpf!

For the Austen fans I came across the writer Juliet Archer whose going to be writing a series of modern versions Austen in the 21st century. The Importance of Being Emma is already published and she's next working on a version of Persuasion. I've been on an Emma jag lately, just finished watching Clueless (lovelovelove this movie) so cannot wait to get my sticky Papaya hands on this book.

And finally, remember all the whining I was doing before - fall's here people! And since I just stumbled across this amazing site called Polyvore I played around (feeling a lot like Silverstone's Cher) to create an outfit from my closet - I picked up the ribbon-trim dress for $15 (original price $90) courtesy some coupons so currently it's the favorite item I possess, next to my impulse leather jacket buy and those 4 inch heels which are killer to wear but look so cute. I just know this outfit is going to get worn time and again this season ....
fall colors

There's nothing like retail therapy (even if it's from my own closet) to scare away the ennui :) Have a great weekend, folks!!


Angel's Flight said...

Very cute outfit!! lloooooove the shoes :)


avdi said...

Awesome shoes.

The movie is supposed to be very good. I heard from usman that it was worth a watch and that it was available on youtube. But I havent been able to catch it.

WhatsInAName said...

Why don't you post your snap WEARING those awesome stuffs ;) seriously I agree that retail therapy can drive away those blues

couchpapaya said...

angel - thanks, i love those shoes too. i recently got them after a massive sale and have been wearing them with everything. they're awful to walk with tho!!

avdi - oh goody, am looking forward to watching it! will let u know how it is after ..

WIAN - i am too shy ... tho that was the original idea. then, i managed to overwrite the snaps on my comp and deleted them from my camera so i took it as a sign that some things werent meant to be :D

Smita said...

It is ages that I have given in to retail therapy!!!

And am not lying & I wouldn't let you see my cc bill also :D

couchpapaya said...

smita - hmmmm ages?? a certain leather bag comes to mind :P

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