A question and an award ...

My favorite pastime is monitoring the various ways people arrive at my blog. Most often it will be a straight-forward request for one of the series reviews - the Black Dagger Brotherhood is by far the most popular.

But, a couple days earlier, this search landed on my BDB review 'who is • No'one will make an appearance - it is sounds like she will ' ... mystery guest, while I'm pretty sure my review did not provide any answers, I do hope you succeed in finding your elusive dot.

While I'm on the topic of series reviews, what I generally do is review all (or atleast as many as I can) the books in the series in one review. But, if I'm not on top of things and dont write about the books as I read them, I find it difficult to remember and review all the past few books. Which has been the bottleneck for the Nalini Singh series. Does anyone have any preference here - would you rather read about the books one by one or should I keep going on as before?

In other news, Nishita of Nishita's Rants and Raves, a book blog I've been following avidly, was kind enough to give me the following award.
Thank you so much, Nishita. As part of the rules, I have to answer the following questions....

1) Where is your favorite place to read a book?
Warm in bed or a couch, with a heavy blanket or quilt to curl under.

2) Do you snack while reading?
Not really, though if it's cold or rainy I might crave a hot beverage.

3) Are you a book borrower or a book collector?
I'm very selective about the books I buy so my personal library only contains books I can read and re-read countless times. So, most of the time I'm a borrower.

4) What is the best book you've read recently?
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I'm going to pass the award on to
Smita of Books, Life n More
Avdi's Books blog
Sraikh at Asaaan

As you know ladies, I love your blogs!!


Smita said...

Hmm I would prefer a series at a go!!! In fact I have been itching to review "The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency" but haven't reviewed it because I am yet to read the last book!!!

And thanks for the award and tag! This is one tag which I will proudly do & pretty soon my dear:)

Anonymous said...

Like your responses...and thanks for introducing me to other book blogs

Regarding your question: I think I like reading and writing book reviews for all books in a series together.

It gives a more complete picture that way, I think

Angel's Flight said...

I love ur blog too! sorry havent been around too much :)

couchpapaya said...

Smita - You know secretly I'm kinda glad your response went that way because really, I dont think I would have been upto reviewing each book as I read them .. I'm lazy that way. Lol'ing at the comment about being happy at doing the tag, I was sure you wouldnt be.

Nishita - Thanks for the feedback, I admit I like to read about the entire series at one go which is why I started doing things in the same way!!

Angel - Good to see you after a long time! You need to write more, girl!

avdi said...

Um.. review as you read is a good option. I was so glad of your review of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I dont know if you have read the other books yet or not. I almost ordered the next one in the series, but held my hand and waited to pick it up at the library.

K, that is a very simple assignment.. will surely do it.

The award is cute too.

couchpapaya said...

Avdi - Yeah that's what I thought and the reason I raised the question. Will try (the bottleneck is the laziness :( ) , though the next couple of series reviews will be of the entire ones since I've already completed those books. I have not read the next book in the Millenium series yet, waiting for it from the library, but I loved the book so much I HAD to review!!

bouncingbubble said...

Thanks Cp for the award, though I feel I'm not at all doing enough justice to my blog. As for the question, I'd prefer to finish reviewing a bk before picking the next one in the series. Well, I don't read serial bks much.

couchpapaya said...

Bubbles - Yes, the hope is that you write more :)

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