Coming Soon: CSN Stores Product Review

I dont know about you guys, but I've yet to meet a kitchen gadget I didnt like. For the past year or so I've been a big proponent of the minimalist kitchen. This happened through necessity rather than design since we moved from a large-ish single family into an apartment with a shoe-box kitchen.

As I donated three large boxes of kitchen articles from my old kitchen, I tried to get over my heartbreak (and hoarding tendencies) with positive thoughts - why do I need a sandwich maker when I have a frying pan and my own ingenuity and so on and so forth. I've been pretty good at maintaining this position, over the last year the only new article that has entered my kitchen has been my beloved ebelskiver pan.

So, imagine my excitement when the generous people at CSN Stores contacted me to review a product from their site. The website has over 200+ stores and they carry an exhaustive range of products all in one place- from dinnerware, to furniture and shoes, bags and luggage. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity. And once my mouse stalled over the kitchen tools link, I knew the product would have to be a kitchen gadget.

But, I haven't yet narrowed down which one will replace the ghosts of gadgets past in my teeny-tiny kitchen. So, here's the question to you guys to help me figure out if there's something I really need - which is your favorite kitchen gadget?

As of this writing, I would have to say my favorite is my Braun hand blender with whisk and immersion blender attachments. I love it so much I've even given it out as gifts.


samir said...

Congratulation on being asked to do a review.
My favorite Kitchen gadget (not that I know too many) would be Le Crueset cast iron cookware. You can cook and bake with the same pot, and is an excellent method for first stove-top cooking & later finishing(baking) in the oven.

WhatsInAName said...

Hi CP :) howdy! great that you got such an offer.
frankly, I do not like cooking and so no favored kitchen gadget for me. All are avoidable ;) In any case, I prefer the olden times of hand grinds. Nothing to beat the stone idli grinder and stone paste maker. Infact, in my father's village, my grandmom still cooks using earthen pots on wood burner. And the food is yummiest. Sigh! Technology and its bad points!!!

But if u still insist, I guess I like microwave the best. Its no mess and easy to use features suits a lazy bum like me ,)

couchpapaya said...

Samir - I love the Le Crueset line and have admired their cookware from afar for a long time now. I've also for long thought it was over-priced (I'm a cheapskate) ... I have to yet find a happy medium between the two.

WIAN - lol I'm mostly the same too (I hate cooking) but I love gadgets. Actually, on closer inspection the gadgets I buy have to do with baking/my sweet tooth in some form. Thanks! You've managed to narrow my choices considerably :D Ugh! Hand grinding, I'd love it if all I have to do is eat the efforts, I'd never consider doing the same myself. I cannot even bring myself to grind my own coconut, I just buy frozen grated coconut and am done with it!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's so cool. I used to not care about kitchen gadgets, but I think I would love a good juicer to make some nice healthful juices ;)

The Le Creuset stoneware is also a pretty good idea.

Looking forward to reading your gadget review, whichever one you decide to review

Yword said...

scratching my head n clueless. It's been some time since i really cooked. But i think ovens are nice in that the food is really yummy even with less oil. roasted stuff is always nice.

avdi said...

At the moment.. a steamer. I love iron pans, but good ones that don't rust. Try cooking jeera aloo in a good iron pan and you can taste the difference.

Congrats on getting the review offer.

Electronic Sally said...

I can see myself saying the same thing! I get lost in the kitchen gadget isles!!

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