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So, we picked up Rock Band 2 for the XBox a couple of Sundays ago. And what a hectic time it has been since. B and I find we barely have time left in the evenings for anything else, once the food has been bolted down we give each other sidelong looks, race to our instruments and groove our aging body-parts till way past bedtime. As an addiction it wouldn't have been so bad if every time I surfaced I didn't find a messy house, dishes piling in the sink, laundry baskets overflowing, frozen food pile seriously dented and work clothes begging to be ironed. Sigh.

A typical evening generally unfolds as follows,

B: Do you want to go to the gym?

CP: Sure, pick me up at ...

B(talking very fast): ... or we could go home and play!!

CP: :D

I must have been prescient, 'The Couch Papayas' has a rock band ring to it, dont you think????


Avionic Spanker said...

"We could go home and play" could have meant so many other things, eh?

Rock band ring? Hmm .. ok :)

Angel's Flight said...

Dang it girl! something freaky going on...we just got the Fit and guess what...both S and me are hurting big time :)

lol to the above comment *wink* *wink*

couchpapaya said...

spanker - hehe but of course! unfortunately we've degenerated into old-fogey mode lately :(

angel - oh yeah v. freaky, first the makeup now this :D i have to try the fit sometime, u guys have fun !!!

WhatsInAName said...

lol at spankers comment ;-)
but seriously i am such that i get addicted too too fast! Thats why i would like to keep away from games in general :-)
but you enjoy girl! khelne koodne ke din hai ;-)

Smita said...

old-fogey mode ROFL....

Games can be addictive for sure...;)

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