Makeup, diet and moi !!

I've been wanting to jump on the mineral makeup bandwagon for quite a few months. Not because I've been gulled by the miracle benefits to skin that have been promised by all and sundry and their aunts, more because I love to play with makeup. Anyway, so I was hampered by trying any out because I HATE being left with a full jar of makeup that doesnt match and that I paid a ton of money for. I must mention that I'm pretty sad at choosing colors and have terrible luck buying makeup off the shelf. Unlike makeup in India or UK, the drugstore brands in the US (L'Oreal, Revlon etc) do not provide testers. And buying a department store makeup brand would require a person who isnt as as me.

So, I had given up on that particular wishlist until I stumbled upon Everyday Minerals, a mineral makeup company I've fallen in love with. First, they offer a FREE sample kit - with 3 foundation samples, 1 concealer and 1 blush, you just pay for shipping. And the best part, they do not limit you to one sample per customer. As I made my way through the samples, the admiration for the company's large-minded policy has changed to admiration for the makeup itself. It's goes on very smoothly, they have a ton of colours to match a wide range of skin types and because it's powder I find I can layer it on as much or as little as I like to create a very natural look. The price for the full-size makeup is also much lower then you would find in the stores. And as a final clincher, last weekend someone actually said to me 'You look great, your skin is glowing.' :D I think, after that, any other makeup brand will have to be pretty miraculous for me to give this one up.

Since I dont use much else, I cant plug anything other than the foundation and powders, the blushes I did get with my sample kit seem pretty enough. If you are wheatish-complexioned (much as it cracks me up, I couldnt find an apter word) like me, you might find the Olives - Light Olive, Olive Golden Medium or Olive Medium a very close match. Oh, and I must recommend the brushes too, they are absolutely the softest, and more importantly, cheapest brushes you will find anywhere!!!

Additionally, I think I've finally hit upon the perfect diet plan. And more importantly one that doesnt leave me tired with low energy towards the end of the day, which was the major problem with all the diets I have tried before. The only thing I'm doing, besides a judicious consumption of sweets and fried foods is that I started reducing my calorie intake. The only change I made in my diet, was to replace my night-time dinner of 2 chapattis with whatever side-dish I cooked up, to 1 chapatti, and reduced consumption of rice during lunch from every meal to once in a while replacing it with chapattis whenever I have the time.

And with this regimen I lost approx *drumroll* 8 lbs in 3 months!!!!! The first few days I was a little hungry but I ate salad alongside to compensate but now I find that the one chapatti fills me up without any additional cravings at all and more importantly I'm also exercising without any adverse energy effects so I think this is the right way to go (as an aside the 'looking great' comment earlier did have the weight-loss reason too, and while I got a lot of those no one mentioned skin 'glowing' until I started to experiment with the makeup). This means that this year will not see my festival staples of besan laddoos and chaklis being made, all because of the diet of course :D

Happy Diwali folks!!!


samir said...

Happy Diwali to you. I will stay away from commenting on makeup, olives I associate with a good oil and never knew that something like a "mineral makeup" existed.
Good luck on your diet, seems sensible. I have tried the modified South Beach diet (based upon glycemic load), and also Will Clower's "The French don't diet plan". I actually lost a lot with the former. At the very least the second is a great read.

avdi said...

Diet sounds good n sensible. I am also doing the Surya Namaskar which is really good for flattening your tummy.

Cheap and Good Makeup? Sign me in. For me, the ayurvedic brand Ayur works quite in the same way. The even have a clay based mosturiser which doubles as a foundation too.. a lil like the goode olde Lacto Calamine..

Angel's Flight said...

Nice!! for both the Make up and the diet

Infact I fell in love with the whole make up thing when i was looking to replacing my makeup set 6 months back. Also the wedding was coming up, and I despised the fact that someone else would do my make up and I would end up looking likea bride who is wearing a cake on her

long story short I did the whole sample thing and then ordered a full set, and yes I used it all by myself on myself during the wedding and the reception....LOVE the makeup :)

As for the diet, I got myself to start eating smaller portions but 6 times a day and that has helped a lot, lost around 9 lbs *smile*

But now my weight has leveled off....its time to try change strategies ...

couchpapaya said...

samir - that's amazing didnt know the south beach diet worked that well. the book sounds fun, will look out for it!! i cannot follow a regimen so after years of trying and failing miserable i'm glad something this simple is also working health wise!! as for mineral makeup, now u know :D

avdi - hmm looks like i'll be loading up on ayur products the next time i'm in blore :D thanks for letting me know. as for this company i know they do international shipping but i have no idea if the price might be worth it to india. u can always check the shipping rates on the site. and have fun !!!! :D

angel - speaking as one of those pancake-crusted brides it was a good thing u did that :D do u have any favorite items/ colors? i'm working up to ordering the full set and as always am hopelessly confused. and congrats on the diet!!!! even i think i've reached a status quo now ... might have to drag myself regularly into that gym after all :(

Mama - Mia said...

just hearing about such little food makes my tummy growl!! now i know how i will never lose any weight!! sigh!!

somehow you never came across as someone who enjoys amke up type things!! blogs show lot more sides to a person! :)

me, i can do nothing OMO except apply lipstick! that too in a pretty much standard fashion. and thats the only make up i ever use!!

i dont even own a foundation! sigh!

not much of a woman, am i?!



Smita said...

I buy make up and forget...and then when am cleaning my bags I keep discovering that lipstick and this lipstick...

I too need to diet badly :(

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