Chocolate Marie treats ...

... or Quick 'n easy recipes for the Lazy Papaya!

Summer holidays are almost at an end here. This weekend I was thinking nostalgically of my own short lived, much enjoyed summer holidays and of driving my mom crazy with endless refrains of I'm-bored and Is-there-something-to-eat when I remembered the simple treat mom used to make for us to shove into our gullets the minute we brought up the eating question.

You will need: Digestive (Marie) biscuits and some squares of bitter cooking chocolate (use milk/semi-sweet, whatever you like). Please ignore the interesting looking bottle of alcohol in the background - more on this later.

Melt the chocolate in the microwave (or if you are fussy use the double-boiler method). Spoon a largish blob on one biscuit and then spread all over the surface. Repeat for all. Harden in fridge and enjoy.

What I love most about this treat is it's potential, you can dress it up or down as follows:

The Sophisticated - First, spread a layer of marzipan on the biscuit, then add the layer of chocolate. Or else, spread the chocolate on the biscuit and layer some crushed praline/ sliced strawberries/ raspberries on top.

The Kiddie Version - Spread some peanut butter then spread the layer of chocolate. Thinly slice apples/ bananas and add over the layer of chocolate.

The Simple - Sprinkle powdered sugar/ cocoa over the chocolate covered biscuit.

However, due to my inability to learn from my mistakes I tried to add rum to the microwaved chocolate. It promptly seized and the resulting biscuits looked like they were covered with dog poop.

Hence, the intentional blurry image of what was meant to be the money shot. They taste great though, and since it's just B and me (or I) and our tummies we were all completely satisfied!!

The other fun thing we did last weekend was watch District 9. Produced by Peter Jackson, it's part sci-fi, part political commentary, part action flick and totally amazing!! Do watch if you enjoy the genre.

How was your weekend folks?


avdi said...

Marie with toppings is my fave girl too. If you are in a salty mood then it has to be Monaco with toppings .. yumm

Dist 9 ??? Is it the same movie Angel howled abt? It sounded gross yaar !

Smita said...

U reminded me of my summer vacations. I used to crib on similar lines and even used to say "I want to eat something different but I don't know what"!!! Gosh I was such a headache!!!

The recipe sounds fun n quick!! We can even add jam or jelly on it but that wud increase the preparation time na?

couchpapaya said...

avdi - oh love the monacos too! however my fav way of eating marie's is dunking them in my tea, this is why i always have them on hand :) yup the movie is the one angel wrote about. but because of her i was majorly prepared, it is gross but the movie is totally cool too!

smita - heh heh i remember a similar dialogue!! yeah i really wonder how our moms put up with everything!! if u have jam/jelly on hand go for it. it can only be delicious :)

doctoratlarge said...

Thanks for the movie trailer. my wife loves aliens; that's why, she says, she married one.

couchpapaya said...

doctoratlarge - welcome to the blog! and u must take ur wife to watch d-9, i imagine quite a few plot-points will interest you both!!

eye-in-sty-in said...

D-9 sounds great! why is it not released i India????

I like to eat Glucose biscuits with mango pickle! Tastes like Heaven!

When was in a hostel, we used to eat glucose with water. That tasted good too! It may seem yucky, but remember, I am a guy and I was a kid then (just then?)!

err... didnt get this... "I tried to add rum to the microwaved chocolate. It promptly seized and the resulting biscuits "
what does seized mean in this context?

shome said...
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couchpapaya said...

errr chocolate and pickles??? no wonder i gave u that award. as for the choc, it's fluid when it melts but it became gunky after i added the rum. as for d-9 i think u'll appreciate it even more, this time the aliens dont land in the US, they land over johannesberg :)

Mama - Mia said...

ooooh! i recently had chocolate sandiwch made in similar fashipn CP. i didnt make it! a tapri close to work does.

it was quiet interesting! and sinful! :D

and i still go thru i wanna eat something nice, but i dunno what phases! only now there is no mom to pamper! :( and soon Cubby will be doing it to me! brrrrr!



avdi said...

@Spike - Welcome to cribbing about hollywood movies not releasing in India ! Now you know.

btw there is a tag awaiting CP n Spike on my blog.

Spike said...

Naaaa - Not chocolate n Pickles!

Its pickles n Glucose biscuits!!

As for the chocos becomming gunky... Now I know why chocolatetiers always put the alcohol in the center and do not mix it with the chocolate itself :P

PS: There is a blogger called bedazzled - she has opened a chocolate store n is making them herself... You should get in touch with her.... Bedazzled eternally is her blog - its in my blogroll!

couchpapaya said...

abha - what was ur choc sandwich made of? am going crazy thinking of quite interesting combinations :) gosh, never thought of it that way, kids doing it to us brrr is right !!! atleast i have a long(er) way to go :P

avdi - will do!

spike - u see choc does to me, everything else is pushed out of my brain :) and combination still awful. visited the blog, thanks for the link!!!

bonvivant said...

yum.. yum..yumm!! .. lol on the seizing bit.. i did that once too ..;-) .. the marzipan thingie sounds really really cool .. must try that out !! .. weekend well spent,i say !

couchpapaya said...

bonvivant - welcome to the blog!! marzipan and dark chocolate has recently become my fav flavour profile, do try it out :)

Mama - Mia said...

okie leme tell ya how the dude made chocolate sandwich!

he first slathered generous amount of butter. then put half small dairy milk on one side of the slice. then kept the second slice on it and kept it on the tawa for just a bit. spread the melted chocolate and then sekoed again from both sides on the tawa!

some might say why not just use nutella! i dunno dude!

but this was about the only form i could have daitly milk in! othawise milk chocolates and me are not good friends! :D



Anonymous said...

My kids do that with Nutella. Have you tried it? You will die.Its pure hazelnut spread. Hmmm bliss.

samir said...

Tch. Tch.; after so much experience with Ina, Giada, J&J; such an elementary mistake (LOL).
Marie biscuits are my favorite too, mostly dunk em. in coffee.
Liked Dist 9.

couchpapaya said...

abha - oh yum, ppl really underestimate melted chocolate. i spent all the years since i got here scoffing at the american fair food of dunking a candy bar in batter and deep frying it. i tried it this weekend, i was speechless and b was embarassed 'y are u dancing around after each bite?' mmmm

asaaan - ono nutella is called devil food aroound here. it doesnt enter the house since entire jars have been known to be consumed at a single time once opened. having said that i told my mom what i did and she said- i used nutella. trust me to always do things the hard way !!

samir - oh cool! so craving for action-waction done? anyways, i watch those guys, theoretical knowledge only goes so far :) tho i shld be getting the contessa book sometime soon and hope to go on a cooking spree yay!

WhatsInAName said...

for me any biscuit will do. Dipping in tea makes it HEAVEN! i wish i could have half your patience in cooking :-)

Angel's Flight said...

Oh yummy...that sounds like my kinda snack!!!

U saw Dist 9?? u have to read my exp.....but I am still determined to finish that movie....looks like u liked it huh!

avdi said...

I have an award for you lovey ..

couchpapaya said...

WIAN - yeah my hubs calls it a ghati thing to do, dipping in tea but i do see many people doing the same. anyways, i cant be bothered come tea-time it's dipdipdip :P

angel - good luck for seeing it again. i did read ur experience and am thankful for that since that went a long ways towards preparing me for when i ultimately watched it.

avdi - thanks! will pick up soon ... am lagging so far behind nowadays :(

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