On biting off more than one can chew!

Work has been aggravating lately. It's just been little annoyances piling on top of each other until I feel I'm going to tear a piece off the next unfortunate who is going to add to my work load.

To add to my frustrations, I decided to sign up for the NaNoWriMo this month i.e. committing myself to writing a 50,000 word novel in November. The first 2 days went by in a welter of typing. It's the 11th day and according to the schedule I should have written approx 19000 words by the end of today. Instead I have 4700. Four. Fricking. Thousand. And all of them nauseating. It seems every time my characters open their mouths the sound that comes out is mwaaah-wah-wah, I'm boring myself with the story so far. Even the characters names bore me. I proudly put the badge up on my blog the first couple of days but have since taken it down in shame.

As an aside- it doesnt help that I also managed to read two mind-blowingly amazing books by the talented Laura Kinsale. Just comparing her prose next to my driveling garbage makes me want to take a cleaver to my computer- or atleast my story. Bah! I generally tend not to review the books which greatly move me (I only managed the time traveller's wife and I only got it right the second time). Kinsale's books are in that category, so will try to review but cannot promise it, I never manage to get the emotional content right.

Because of all the unneeded frustrations I needed something simple and satisfying to eat today. So, I settled on a grilled crunchy peanut butter, jam and banana sandwich. With a puddle of golden honey drizzled on the bananas (because I use sugar-free jam and I needed to amp up the sweetness).

I have not calmed down yet. But, lunch sure was comforting.


samir said...

You have a writer's block, what hope is there for the rest of us.
Very impressive attempt, I hope you are continuing on that Drambuie review theme.
And, not particularly fond of PB &Banana; maybe I will try a shot of that Drambuie instead.

couchpapaya said...

Samir - Not writing in that style. Though maybe I should shift styles hmm, esp. since the current one isnt working at all! Yes, Drambuie is always a better alternative, in fact maybe I should drizzle that instead of honey .... hehe thanks for the idea!!

Smita said...

That *gulp* was ur lunch??

:D :D

NaNoWriMo!! Hmm I decided against participating in it as I knew I wouldn't spare time to it!!! But all my good luck 2 u dear! Am sure it will come out well!!!

BTW M already thru with Fearful! Not saying anything about it as u r waiting to read it na!

Bouncing-Bubble said...

work is so hectic, eh?

am sure "anything" u write would be good. how dare u call them garbage?:D

my best wishes for you!

couchpapaya said...

Smita - Sometimes (hmm maybe often) I revert to my childhood! I'm not thinking of the NaNo this week, I'm so disgusted with my story *takes deep breath*. So, just tell me did you like it, love it or it was just mediocre - Fearful that is!

Bubbles - It's crazy, but more importantly I felt like I wasnt doing anything creative which was another reason for taking part in the NaNo. It's actually worse it's rotting garbage :( Thanks a lot for the wishes anyway!! I probably have already chickened out but if I start writing again I'll need it.

Angel's Flight said...

wow major kudos to you for atleast making a commitment to write...

btw i am going to def try the peanut butter jelly banana heaven :) looks yunny!

couchpapaya said...

Angel - Do, I promise you it's worth it!!!! After making this one, I realised that the jam doesnt really add anything because of the honey, so the next time I'm going to try a PB+banana+honey. Looking forward to it :D

Angel's Flight said...

Ok now that is a good variation!

WhatsInAName said...

The image is worth drooling over. You sure are a good cook. I can easily see that.
Even from the way you describe foodstuffs.
And why don't you post a specimen of your story here. Its for us to decide what's garbage. And if you call your writing a garbage, I don't want to imagine what I am capable of :p
From that story u posted on the other site, all I can say is that you are one of the best amateur story writers.

eye-in-sty-in said...

when u finish the novel, i'll be sure to read it... !

just lemme know....

Yword said...

Good that you committed to writing it. It is going to be good stuff - that much I am sure of. Didnt know timekeeper's wife was that good. somehow havent felt like going through it. Have you read Sophie kinsella's latest? cant remember the name but seemed like a reliable read.

couchpapaya said...

WIAN - I dont have the guts to post the story on here. Maybe later when I've rubbed the bad taste from my mind and go back and re-write it, I'll dare to do something about it!

EISI - Thanks :)

Yword - Unfortunately, I didnt complete it. Today's the last day!! Oh well, there's always next year, and I'll make sure I'm better prepared next time :) TTW is very subjective, I know a lot of people who hated it, I was immensely moved though- also Ava and Smita have done reviews on their blogs so do read those. Havnt yet got my hands on the new Kinsella, I think Smita is/was reading it.

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