Pumpkin Flan

Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was fun! I was on vacation so I refused to do anything strenous, just read about 4 books, ate like a pig and tried out a couple of bookmarked recipes (to facilitate the aforementioned eating).

And for all you people who are sick of pumpkin pies and over-eating during the holidays I give you the perfect holiday dessert - pumpkin flan each serving of which is only a 100 calories. If I have a dessert weakness it's custard in any form, flans, caramel custard, creme brulee, so of course I had to try this out! And it was superb, all the wholesome deliciousness of pumpkins co-mingling with the richness of custard, caramel and a gentle hint of spice. A perfect recipe to flummox your guests with, who'd have thought of pumpkin + flan together huh?!

The pumpkin puree I used wasnt finely pureed so I got a chewier texture than flan generally has, if you dont like that I'd suggest giving the puree a little whirl in the food processor. And since the recipe was such a big hit the first time, I just had to make it again - the second time around I added about 1 tbsp. of orange rind and served with vanilla ice cream. The plates were licked clean, and my guests were truly thankful!

What did you guys do/ eat for Thanksgiving? For the international visitors, how was your weekend? And did anyone score any great Black Friday deals? I'm the worst bargain shopper, I get easily overwhelmed and end up browsing without buying anything. This time, keeping with the tradition, I bought a winter coat at one of those few, few, very few stores without a Black Friday sale. Le sigh.


Bouncing-Bubble said...

weekend was ruined by bad weather:(

is there an eggless alt to the recipe?

samir said...

That is yummy, & in case you did not know it until now, I too have a sweet (& salty & others) tooth as well (LOL). Will try out that recipe soon, which means I will try & bribe my wife or my daughter to make it. Somehow, I am not very good at making desserts, not that I am much good at other dishes.
My Tgiving was great, as usual our friends circle met, this time at a friend's home in Columbus OH. Eat a lot, now have to work that off.

couchpapaya said...

Bubbles - I found two recipes http://karmafreecooking.wordpress.com/2007/11/26/sweet-potato-flan/
The first is a flan recipe, the second Tarla Dalal recipe is for caramel custard. I think that the TD recipe might come out a bit jelly-like because of the gelatin so to get a better consistency for the custard you can soak a slice (or two) of bread in milk, then puree it with the milk to be used for boiling. You have to make sure to puree very well so that there are no flecks of bread remaining. Let me know if you try out any of them :) I've been planning to reduce the eggs in the original because I'm scared of cholesterol but eggless sounds better!!!

Samir - Hehe I know, the eating gets outrageous doesnt it!! I tried to keep things light this year but the sheer volume doesnt help. And we still have Christmas and NY's to get through!!!! Let me know how the dessert turns out!

Angel's Flight said...

Hubby loves flan, this one sounds yumm...thanks for the additional links!

couchpapaya said...

Angel - Do let me know if you try out the eggless varieties! Enjoy!!

avdi said...

No thanksgiving in India.. No Black Fridays here alas. But this morning my daughter called to say she picked up 2 Coach purses for less than the price of ONE. So someone somewhere was successful.

I love custard too. It looks delicious too.

Smita said...

No thanksgiving here :)

But me back after a week long break & thanking God for that :D

Bouncing-Bubble said...

thanks cp for the suggestions. i#ll surely try n let u know

couchpapaya said...

Avdi - Good to know she was able to get some Black Friday deals. They've been tapering off every year, or i'm just too lazy to look :)

Smita - Good to see u back!!

Bubbles - NP :) Here's an eggless pumpkin pie recipe that the author posted after I linked those up - this looks great too


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