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Someone got their books all messed up! SATC was never The Devil Wears Prada, but somewhere in the middle of an extended wedding gown fashion shoot in Sex and the City, the movie, you get the hideous inkling that this is where the movie is heading. The series always had fashion on the back-burner, all those Manolo's and Chanel's never intruding upon the story lines themselves. In the movie, fashion takes center stage, unfortunately, leaving a very hollow, soulless mess behind.

Given all the drama, conflict and time that went into the making of this movie, it was reasonable to expect something as wonderfully endearing as the show a lot of women love to love. SATC is anything but, endearing that is. Oh, watch it for a pleasant evening playing catch up with the girls, a whole lotta materialistic ogling (of designers and dudes) but dont expect sassy, witty and confident like the girls we knew all those years ago.

After all the relationship problems have been manufactured and resolved, the movie ends basically where the series ended. Life comes full circle, we are meant to see, but really, did it have to involve my wasting 2 and a half hours of that same life to find out? The movie has also altered the personalities of the women, making Carrie come out smelling of roses, if you can believe here it is she offering the sensible and mature advice to the rest of the girls. What a hoot!

Fans would be advised to stick with reruns of the TV show, and not attach too much importance to this candy floss of a movie ....


S said...

I have never seen the Tele series & my chances opf seeing this one is bleak.

But I do know that if I chance upon it I might not end up hating it :)

BTW I had loved DWP as a book but felt that the movie coudln't do justice to it.


couchpapaya said...

S :)

I was totally hooked onto the show a while ago. even wrote abt it on U-Know-What :D and the re-runs are always fun. the thing abt the show is it has to hit u at the right time. i watched it once when i was younger and didnt get into it at all, recently loved all the wry cynical humor, relationship issues, and the total confidence of the women. catch the show and see, and dont bother with the movie at all ..... will update the post so i link to the other write-up ....

DWP saw the movie (blah), read the book only mid-way then tossed it. cldnt get into it much. but maybe i just wasnt in the mood for chick-lit at the time. i dont read that genre much anyway.

thanks for dropping in :)


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