Lost, anyone ?

Here be spoilers:

I never seem to get too much current TV viewing done. Mostly, I watch reruns or else get shows on DVD for a marathon viewing. So recently, when a friend raved on and on .. and on ... about the start of the 3rd season of Lost I wasnt much impressed. One day with time hanging heavy on my hands, I checked out the abc.com website which carries previous episodes and I was hooked. So there I was, developing a pleasant Wed night addiction until the shocker of the season (oh well, for me, remember I am a virgin viewer) ..... the episodes actually stopped airing until Feb. Bad, ABC, very bad!! :( At least, I now have enough time to catch up on my viewing of the the previous seasons.

However, there are some things which irritate me exceedingly about the show. I love, love, love the incredible look of the show, the locations, the mysteries of the island and a lot of the characters and stories. But, I just hate how everyone has this incredibly melodramatic or picked-upon background. Michael's story was really too unbelievable complete with evil-ex-gf-accident-son-hates-me angst. I hate it when I can feel heavy-handed manipulation and his story seemed to be written to have the max tear-jerking effect. I especially hate that with the exception of the handful of people who the stories focus on, the rest of the 40 survivors can be led about like sheep. There's kidnappings, deaths, black smoke monsters etc going on and all these people seem to do is turn up for the funerals, no questions asked. If people were dropping dead at such an alarming rate, I think I would be more interested and not wait to be asked and feel 'left out' of things. Oh well, I know why this is so, it just irritates me. And I was so sad when Ana Lucia was killed :( - the one strong, female character in the show! Yeah, yeah Kate's there but I cant feel any empathy for her! It's a good thing she's with Sawyer now, Jack is too upright for her anyway.

So all that's left now is to wait till Feb :( I wonder if this season will get any better, so far the first six episodes havnt really been that impressive .... familiarity (in this case, with the Others) breeds contempt and all that. However, I say watch out for that Juliette, she has this manic quality about her that should be fun when it's unleashed :P The writers maintian that there's a logical, scientific explanation for everything that happens on the island. I'm going to be waiting with interest for that revelation. I just hope it doesnt go the way of a 'government experiment gone terribly wrong' ...


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