The year of the couch papaya!

4 years of embarrassment should be enough for any papaya .... I didn't start off as a couch papaya u know! After all, I live in beautiful Utah where a love of the outdoors is almost another religion and where the natives hike, bike, run, (insert any other fatiguing activity here) all through the summer to stay in phenomenal shape for THE winter activity of them all ... skiing. When I first moved here, visions of me skiing elegantly down the slopes, skidding to a halt at the bottom amidst a light shower of snow made me sign up eagerly for my first ski classes. But years of being the kid wailing in the swimming pool, or always placing last in the sports races at school (shudder ... some skins are best left unscratched) .. should have better prepared me for the outcome. I should have realized that a papaya dressed up in layers and layers of clothes resembles a ... *shock*, *horror* ... potato! And, it should have been self-evident that instead of the cool elegance I was trying to achieve, I would be barreling clumsily down the slope screaming in my mind 'Pizza, French friieees .. shoo, kid! NO, Pizza! Pizza!! Pizzzaaaaaaaa ... '. And, that I would be the one at the apres-ski parties with the bared grin assuring people 'Of course, I enjoyed sliding on my bottom all the way down, that's how you learn isnt it?'. But, this year I've had enough. There will be no more self-induced torture!! After all, the couch beckoneth .....


eye-in-sty-in said...

Funny!!!! Both the post and your plight... But why am I laughing? I never made it past the nursery slope and had even purchased the ski-lift tickets - so much for my pre-ski-confidence!

couchpapaya said...

EISI - if u had written a success story i wld have been majorly PO'd, esp since i was surrounded by ppl who were new too but just needed to ut their feet into skis and they'd be skiing off into the sunset grrr ... ok it's still a sore point as u can guess :( hope u were atleast able to sell ur tickets :)

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