Pardon my blog!

So, finally I succumb!! Committing personal thoughts to paper (or in this case my keyboard) has never really been my thing, not even when it was considered almost de rigeur in my engleees-medium, all-girls school. Dont get me wrong, I have come across a number of very articulate, humorous, engaging blogs and I can spend quite a number of perfectly contented couch-papayying hours browsing away. Then, why am I here and why now ?? To be frank, the place I work for has lately gone mainstream and started ...... the corporate blog!! Now my curiosity, which at the best of times is never a quiescent thing, has been peaked, so intead of inadvertently comitting career hara-kiri/ doing the foot-in-mouth(or-fingers) thing/ publishing my swan song so to speak, this will be an experimental area for me to errrm .... let it rip .....

Let's see how long this lasts!!


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