'She's My Poo!!'

So, the other day I happened across episodes involving a cup of joe and a purportedly hip, young Bollywood director K - let's call him KJoe for want of a better name.

This was a talk show that I'd heard various (all bad) reviews of. But, you know that they say about curiosity and papayas ... plus KJoe had invited most of the happening and beautiful celebrities of Bollywood and being a closet-celeb-watcher it was inevitable that I would be suckered into it.

The first few episodes were borderline dull, with KJoe setting my teeth on edge with his 'Haayy-lo' greeting to the stars, that is, until I hit upon the mother-lode of episodes.

Before my disbelieveing eyes, KJoe actually introduced an ultra-famous celeb starlet with the words 'The moment I set eyes on her, I knew ... She's my Poo!' .... and delivered with a totally serious, straight face nonetheless. Freaking hilarious!!

After wiping the tears from my eyes, I watched the rest of the interview. The deal here was this - KJoe had invited 2 guests, one was one of his supposed bff's (best friends forever, duh!) and the other was ThePoo!!

Now, KJoe proceeded to fawn all over ThePoo calling her accomplished, beautiful, a star, ad nauseum, and suddenly turns around to his bff and says 'And you've had a couple of flops, right?'. Bff, completely deflated, mutters a 'Yee.. ah' while ThePoo looks on serenely smiling, flipping her hair etc etc Bitch-o-meter alert here!!

While I'm amused, this is still being totally insipid so I stop watching. Maybe I will re-watch on a really, really dull day but I doubt it.

Oh, why no names ? Maybe, I just wanted to call someone poo here (still rofl) ... after all I'm not the first and the name has been immortalised on the silver screen :P

Anyway, looks like this is another talk show involving (in)significant events in the over-exposed lives of celebrities . I may have picked the worst episodes to watch, but since I cant tolerate the director's movies, I cannot be bothered to give his show another chance.

Now that I think of it, two words would aptly replace all of the writing above wrt this show - Ho Hum!!


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