Of Swans - Songs and otherwise .....

Since, I cant seem to find anything worthwhile to add to my blog, I'm going to use it as a review system of sorts with reviews of some of my fav things - books/ movies/ food etc. My tastes pretty much lean toward popular fiction and movies so dont expect anything high brow and you wont be disappointed. Hmm.. that's assuming anyone even cares! oh well!

The rating system that I'm going to use here is out of 5, anything with 3 swans and above is recommended. Why swans? Hmmm, many reasons, I was thinking of swan songs today, swans are graceful, elegant creatures and I hope my writing attains some/any qualities by association, BigB spent a couple of hours last afternoon making the extremely cute swan figure for me (thank you tons, sweetie) and if I say now that I want, for want of a better item, a papaya, I'll be skinned and eaten :P ... so, swans it is!! Coming to the reviews themselves, I hate spoilers, so anytime I do include such paragraphs there will defintely be a spoiler warning.


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